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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers. Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions to help guide you through the world of fake trees!  If you have an additional question not answered here, feel free to drop us an email at:

Do fake trees actually look real? 

While perception is in the eye of the beholder, we guarantee that our lifelike replicas are just as beautiful as the real  In fact, we’ve gone ahead further and created a specific line of Real Touch trees that mimic some of Mother Nature’s intricate details (like naturally occurring variegation and lifelike textures) to help mimic realistic qualities. You can find out more about these lifelike creations in Fake Plants That Look Real or by browsing our selection of Real Touch trees.  

How to make fake trees look more real? 

We offer various tips on how you can achieve a natural, lifelike environment with the help of artificial greenery; whether that’s by investing in a high-quality item made from premium materials, differentiating your trees by location, or even complementing them with various colors and textures.  You can discover several more tips in How To Make Fake Plants Look More Real.  

Can you put artificial trees outside? 

While not all of our artificial trees can stand up to Mother Nature and her elements, our exclusive line of Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Trees are specifically designed with UV resistance to ensure that they will remain faux-ever green without fear of wilt or discoloration when displayed outside.  


Where to buy artificial trees? 

If you’re looking to incorporate fresh looking greenery throughout your home or office, we offer a wide selection of artificial trees that can accommodate all budgets and decor scheme in various sizes and planter options.  Whether you’re looking for a specific species (palm, bamboo, ficus!) or height, our wide range of fake trees boasts over 75 years of botanical experience with premium, high-quality materials.  

I’m new to fake trees, what do you recommend? 

If this is your first time in purchasing an artificial tree, welcome! With a selection of +3k options across several collections (plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements) and species (bamboo, yucca, hibiscus), the choices are limitless! However, if you are still wary of incorporating a fake plant or artificial tree in your home or office, why not start off with one of The Most Popular Houseplants or better yet, try one from our Best Loved and Reviewed Fake Plants Reviewed By Our Customers. 

Which are your best fake trees? 

While we love each of our fake trees, we would recommend some of our most reviewed and loved artificial plants & trees from our customers. You can also shop by browsing our best-selling products across in artificial trees. 

Can I use a fake tree in my office?  

We don’t see why not! In fact, most professional buildings will more often than not use fake plants and artificial trees in the workplace and throughout interiors; it allows for endless creative options and has proven to uplift moods and therefore boosting productivity.  In addition, artificial plants and fake plants can also help cut costs on regular maintenance and upkeep while eliminating things like allergies, insects and pests. You can find out more about that in Real v Fake Plants For The Workplace. 

Do I need to take care and maintain my fake tree? 

Yes and no. While our selection of fake plants eliminate the need for daily maintenance, you will periodically want to clean it and wipe away any dust it might have gathered.  We recommend doing this with a feather duster or a microfiber cleaning cloth and/or spare cleaning towelettes, gently dusting and removing any excess dirt, dust, and debris from your artificial plants.  If easily portable, bring your artificial plant outside and use a paintbrush to remove any extra dirt that has accumulated not only on the faux-liage, but within the planter itself (like on the moss, rocks, and setting). You can learn more in How To Care For Artificial Plants.  

Do I need a topper for my fake tree? 

No, you do not need a topper for your fake tree or artificial plant. Most of our decorative plants come stabilized in their designated planters and will already be set with their accompaniment of natural moss.  With items pictured with rocks, these will come bagged separately for you to disperse and arrange as you please along the top base of the plant or tree. However, if you would like an added hint of realism to your faux plant, some have admitted to using additional rocks, pebbles, and even real soil to the foliage’s base in order to make it appear all the more lifelike. The options are limitless!   

Do the fake trees come in the planters as pictured? 

Yes they do! With every fake plant or artificial tree, the accompanying planter is always included in the cost of the product. We are continuously updating our products/collections to offer your countless of planter options in a range of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors.  

How are your fake trees measured? 

On each of our product pages below the product description you will see that we’ve included the height and width of each item, measured in feet and inches. Some products will also display in their imagery a sized graphic to ensure you of the items’ dimensions.  

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